This weekend I was killing time browsing shops while I got my oil changed and my tires rotated (fun!). There I was, just strolling through the home décor aisles and day dreaming of all the things I’d love to put in our house one day (after we buy living room furniture, a spare bed, get the hole in the ceiling fixed…etc.), when suddenly, like a beacon of light, I saw it.

Fall and Halloween decorations were out on the shelves.

I honestly don’t think there’s an accurate description for how I feel about fall, but I’ll try. It’s like my own personal few months of heaven on earth each year. An equivalent for me would be something along the lines of being surrounded by puppies while drinking mimosas and getting a manicure and a foot massage all at once. I. LOVE. FALL.

It took everything I had not to purchase every adorable owl, pumpkin, wreath and jack-o-lantern on the shelf.

Needless to say, it kicked my readiness for fall into overdrive. So, I just added all my favorite fall events to my calendar in anticipation. (Read: OSU football games and craft shows).

And thus, I ask you, is it September 1st yet?! (To you naysayers – I realize fall doesn’t technically start until September 22, but in my world, summer ends on August 31, even if it is still 100 degrees outside in Oklahoma.)

Even better? The first football game this year is August 31, so I vote this year fall technically starts in August! It just so happens to be one of my best friends’ wedding day and my dad’s birthday, as well, so it’s destined to be a great start to the season.

So, with just over a month to go, here’s a not-so-brief rundown of all my favorite things about fall. I realize I’m jumping the gun, here. But a girl can dream…plus, it’s my blog, and I do what I want here.

Brace yourselves, I still love lists…

The weather! Cooler temperatures, light breezes, leaves falling, overcast skies…perfection.

Pumpkin everything: muffins, coffee, cookies, pies, spiced lattes, bread, smoothies…and on and on. My favorite muffins are these Pumpkin Cinnamon Chip Muffins courtesy of my friend Laura at An OK Girl in a Colorado World. Yummo. So easy and always a hit with friends and co-workers!

A couple years ago, I made my nephew pull me around the pumpkin patch. As you can see by his face, I'm basically weightless. The cart was really heavy, though.
A couple years ago, I made my nephew pull me around the pumpkin patch. As you can see by his expression, I’m basically weightless. The cart was really heavy, though.

Football season: Tailgating, Stillwater, game day, watch parties, tailgate food, and most importantly, cheering on the Cowboys! GO POKES! Here’s the 2013 OSU Football Schedule, in case you need it.

Home game last year with some of my favorites!
Home game last year with some of my favorites!

Craft shows: War Eagle, Bella Vista, Darnaby…any and all beautiful days spent walking around with my mom in perfect weather, checking out people’s handiwork and figuring out whether or not to buy it or try making it ourselves.

Favorite part includes driving through gorgeous Arkansas while the leaves are changing colors and stopping for spaghetti as many times as possible at our favorite place in Tontitown, The Venesian Inn! Getting to spend time with some cousins is always an added bonus.

craft show
My mom and I with our cousins at last year’s craft show outing! Mom loves a good fanny pack.

Fall attire: Boots, scarves and jackets? Sign me up.

Fall colors: browns, ORANGES, plums, reds, yellows…so lovely. Especially in the form of nail polish.

Halloween: Any time there’s an excuse to dress up in funny or clever costumes, I’m pretty much on board. Plus everyone wears orange and black to work on Halloween, which just feels like being back at my alma mater for a day. Bonus this year? New house means new decorations AND new kiddos in cute costumes to give candy to!

*Side note – if you’re one of those people who hands out tooth brushes or apples to trick-or-treaters…just cut it out, okay?

Award-winning easy Halloween costume: Jack & Jill after they fell down the hill.
Award-winning easy Halloween costume: Jack & Jill after they fell down the hill.

Scary movies. Thanks to my family’s borderline sick appreciation for horror flicks, all of my childhood friends are forever scarred and emotionally incapable of watching scary movies as adults due to the inflicted trauma at our Halloween parties. I, however, still love a good terrorizing movie experience. (So long as I’m not spending the night alone, of course.)

Fall home décor. Glittered pumpkins, leafy garlands and wreaths, owls, cinnamon and pumpkin candles…swoon.

Soups. I could eat soup every day when the weather gets below about 70 degrees. If you have any favorite soup recipes, send them my way! Also, it’s my favorite time of year to use my crockpot, so any and all crockpot recipes are welcome, as well.

*Random fact: My hubster often talks in his sleep. Once on his birthday while he was already dozing off, I said, “Good night, birthday boy!” To which he replied, “Goodnight, crockpot girl.” So there’s that. I don’t know where it came from, but I now have self-imposed unrealistic expectations of my crockpotting abilities. Also, I’m fairly certain crockpotting is not a word.)

But I digress…

Hot apple cider. Specifically, P-Dub’s recipe. I will literally drink the stuff until my stomach hurts. Why is it so good?

Hay rides and haunted houses. Similar explanation to Scary Movies, above.

Outdoor fires. There are few things better than a good s’more making, feet warming, cider drinking, story-sharing kind of evening by the fire. Hopefully we’ll have our fire pit built in our backyard before fall rolls around!

Indoor fires: SOOO pumped to have a house with our very own fireplace this year! You can pretty much bet it will be lit on the daily from September 1 through ohhh, March? April? One can only hope.

Thanksgiving. What’s not to love? Food. Family. Food. Games. Food. Naps. Dessert. Leftovers.

I’m sure I’ve missed some, but still, I can’t wait! Any favorites of your own?

As July draws to a close, I will now spend the next four weeks asking…is it FALL yet?! 

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