19 (Somewhat Non-Traditional) Tips for Making Marriage Awesome

I’ve noticed lately how trendy “list” posts have become on social media. I’m not surprised, as I am a lover of lists, and I have a tendency to click on every single one that’s posted. For instance, I know the 10 smoothies that will change your life. I know the 67 things some person wishes they’d known when they were 18. I know 100 crock pot recipes. And even 22 reasons Jennifer Lawrence should be my best friend.

So, I decided to make a list of my own.  It’s not profound – I don’t claim to hold the secrets to a happy marriage, but it does a include a few of the ways MY marriage is awesome for me. And maybe  I’ll do this every few years to see how it changes – but for now, in my third year of marriage, in no specific order and without any further ado…I give you:

19 (Somewhat Non-Traditional) Tips for Making Marriage Awesome

  1. Bring your husband a hot towel straight from the dryer while he’s  in the shower.
  2.  Start your wife’s car for her when it’s cold outside and she’s running late.
  3.  Cook dinner together. (And on the inevitable occasion that it turns out more like burnt rubber than food, go out for an impromptu date night.)
  4.  Go on dates as often as possible.
  5.  Try new things together – like going to a comedy club and getting hypnotized and laughing so hard you cry.
  6.  If folding the laundry is her job – do it for her occasionally. The time it saves her WILL pay off for you later.
  7.  If he always takes the trash out – surprise him by doing it once in a while.
  8.  Fix things together when possible. If your house starts falling down around you – patch, replace, paint and repair it together. Encourage each other to call a plumber or electrician when necessary. Some things are better left to the professionals.
  9.  Surprise each other. Leave a note on the fridge, or their favorite candy on their desk, or lottery tickets in their car.
  10.  Get drunk together on a date night in. (Fair warning: may lead to hilarious karaoke sessions and dance parties for two.)
  12.  Go on walks. Get some fresh air and enjoy each other’s company without all the distractions of screens and sounds everywhere.
  13.  Travel. Even if it’s just a weekend getaway to a drive-able location. Making memories in new places are some of the best kind.
  14. Volunteer together! Whether it’s a walk to end Alzheimer’s or serving at a soup kitchen, it will broaden your perspectives and remind you how much there is to be thankful for. It might also change someone’s life (yours included).
  15.  Take time for yourselves every once in a while! Girls’ weekends and guys’ weekends are good for your relationship. Maintaining your friendships is vital! And as they say…absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  16.  Send each other….ummm…romantic…texts occasionally.
  17.  Get rid of the TV in your bedroom.
  18.  Send her flowers on ANY day of the year besides Valentine’s Day. (Well, that day, too, of course, but you’ll score a lot more points when they’re “just  because.”)
  19. Pray together. Give thanks for each other and the life you’ve been given.


What things do you recommend for making marriage awesome?

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