A “Day” I Can Get Behind

shebelievedOkay, let’s get real. There’s officially a “day” for everything now (thanks, social media). Whether it’s “National Ice Cream Day,” “National Pet Day,” “National Pancake Day,” (okay, I fully support all of these), or “Wear Your Underwear Over Your Pants Day,” it seems no leaf has gone unturned for a day to celebrate.

It doesn’t really matter who makes these things up – they can be fun and silly and easy to participate in, thanks to hashtags. Admittedly, I gladly partake in puppy selfies and dessert eating on these “special” occasions, but mostly I think, “Seriously?! There is a day for this?!”

As ridiculous as they sometimes are, though, I can get behind any reason, made up or not, to celebrate something in life that makes people happy.

And TODAY? Today is International Women’s Day. And that is something I can really get behind.

For what reason, you ask? I can think of many: every woman I know.

I am so proud of my female friends, co-workers and family. These women run the gamut of every possible version of success I can imagine.

They are engineers, doctors, teachers, mothers, wives, comedians, accountants, managers, attorneys, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, photographers, volunteers and SO much more.

And they are absolutely knocking life out of the park. Is it easy? Hell no. But they make it look that way.

I can think of no better examples to celebrate International Women’s Day than the women in my life. These women support and encourage one another. They lift each other up when things are hard. They pray for one another. They laugh together. They lend a shoulder to cry on. They show up.

I believe that the women in my life could conquer the world. They are talented, brilliant, gifted, beautiful, caring, strong and wonderful souls. And I thank God for them daily.

So, to all the women in my life, let’s celebrate today, friends! We deserve it.

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