Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

As this Father’s Day approaches, I want to thank you for a few things.

Thanks for always carrying me to bed when I was small and pretended to fall asleep in the chair just so you would, in fact, carry me to bed.

Thanks for teaching me all your favorite gospel songs as a kid, because they’re still my favorites to sing today.

Thanks for letting me watch scary movies when I was little, but for covering my eyes at the actual scary parts so I wouldn’t have nightmares.

Thanks for building a balance beam for me and the neighbor kids to play on in the front yard. And for the concrete basketball slab for us to practice our “skills.” And for coaching my basketball team, even though I never showed hope or signs of any real athletic ability whatsoever.

Thanks for always dancing with me in the father/daughter dances at the annual dance recital. Your “born to be wild” motorcycle moves were unmatched.

Thanks for teaching me to love music of all types, from Jimmy Buffett to Susan Tedeschi, and especially for introducing me to live theater.

Thanks for instilling in me a love of travel and the importance of exploring the world.

Thanks for passing down your love of books and poetry, both reading and writing them.

Thank you for letting me make my own decisions and mistakes, but encouraging me to choose wisely.

Thanks for teaching me that it was (is?) okay to dream of being both a famous singer and a successful career woman, and also believing that I could be either/both if I wanted.

Thanks for loving mom so well and teaching me what real love looks like, so I’d easily know how to recognize that in my husband.

Thanks for teaching me the power of believing in myself, and that a girl can grow up to be a woman who can do whatever she sets her mind to.

Thanks for showing me that women deserve respect and love and opportunity and the right to think for themselves.

And thanks for always letting me mow the lawn with you – it was my favorite, and I’m sure I was a big help.


Happy Father’s Day, Daddo – love you!


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