Another Year Has Come and Gone

Last year when I was writing my “Countdown to 30” blog post, I had NO idea what my 30th year would have in store for me.

  • Two trips to Chicago
  • Two trips to Rhode Island
  • One dreamy weekend in NYC
  • Three Broadway show dreams come true (Hamilton!!! Dear Evan Hansen with the original cast – Ben Platt, swoon! And Jake Gyllenhaal singing, double swoon! Next up – write my own show…)
  • First visit to Wisconsin for a Cubs game
  • One exhausting trip to Washington D.C.
  • Four new babies in my best friendosphere
  • Six 5ks and my first trail run
  • One major haircut
  • 20+ books read/listened to
  • A promotion to supervisor
  • My first major camping experience in Colorado
  • Some weight loss (and then some weight gain, because life)
  • My first attempts at floral design
  • Taking the reign as IABC president, and then finding a replacement five months later…
  • Selling our first home
  • Two trips to Utah
  • A 22-hour road trip to our new jobs and new home in Salt Lake City!

In the words of Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men… “Holy Moly.”


I’ll keep this brief (ha, riiiight – have I ever been brief? Long winded is pretty much my wheelhouse.)

What 30 Has Taught Me:

  • Traveling is still the greatest thing of all time. There’s nothing like exploring a new place, especially with people you love. It’s exciting and fun and eye opening and full of memory making to last you a lifetime.
  • Being the cool aunt is the best. I love my nieces and nephew and my friends’ kiddos so much. I love that I get to spend their lifetimes being around when they need me for advice or to vent about their crazy parents (love you guys!). And now I’m even more excited for them to come stay with me and learn bad habits like eating all the foods and snow skiing (but probably just the former, because your girl is far from coordinated).
  • It’s never too late to try new things. I know I’m only thirty, but I’m also THIRTY. In my head I’m still 21, until I see 21 year olds and then I realize I’m more like 40. So, though I’ve still (hopefully) got lots of time left to try new things, it still feels late to be experimenting. But it’s not. It never is. So, while I may not make a career out of floral arranging, I sure as hell am going to keep buying assorted flowers and watching tutorials on how to arrange them because it MAKES ME HAPPY. Deal with it.
  • Street mangoes are the REAL DEAL. Diced mangoes sprinkled with lime juice, chamoy sauce and tajin. Best snack of all time. Thanks for introducing me to this gem of a treat, Waldo!
  • “If you can dream it, you can do it.” I have hated running since the 8th grade when I couldn’t run an 8-minute mile and therefore didn’t make the basketball team. (Later I’d discover this was probably just a way to weed out the less athletically-inclined, as it turns out I was just terrible at basketball…) But regardless, I hated running. I’m really slow and I often get overheated and it triggers headaches. But when I embraced the slow, and running inside during warm weather, something amazing happened. I hated it MUCH less. In fact, it became rewarding, even. Who knew? Challenging ourselves to stay in 5k shape was actually a lot of fun, and hopefully we can get back on track again soon now that life is a tad less chaotic than it was for the last 4 months or so. Plus, how else would I have earned my unbelievably badass “Corn to be Wild” 5k medal and T-shirt? (Because let’s be honest, it’s all about the T-shirts.)
  • Change is no joke. It is thrilling and hard and fun and sad and exciting and scary. More on that here.
  • Family and friends are everything. Absolutely none of the accomplishments, experiments or challenges I faced in my 30th year would have been worth it, would have been as exciting, would have been as bearable, without the love, encouragement and constant support of my people. So, thank you for the wildly exciting intro to my 30s. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this decade has in store!

And now on to my 31st birthday plans… sleeping in, bubble bath, wine, movies on the couch and eating delicious food. I’m not mad about it.

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