The Truth About Girlfriends

Where my girls at? (Anyone else now singing this stellar little jam from the oh-so-hot girl group “702” circa 1999? Just me?)

I’ve written about my friends quite a bit, but only because I seriously DON’T KNOW HOW I WOULD SURVIVE without them.

At least once a day I have a hilarious or uplifting text or phone convo with a friend that keeps me going through the week.

Some recent examples…

Me: “31 is weird. Last night I was weirdly stoked about the amount of folding space in our new laundry room, and also I think I’m addicted to fruit snacks.”

Friend: “Yeah, I’m obsessed with making my own yogurt and applesauce. Our lives are very exciting.”

Me: giphy

Friend: giphy-2

I think we can all agree that Leslie Knope is the epitome of friendship goals. (That’s a thing people say, right? #friendshipgoals ?)

Group Text:

“It’s 3 p.m. and I just realized that I’m wearing my underwear inside out.”

“At least it’s not backwards…I did that recently.”

“How is that even possible?!”

Or this one:

“I was going to send you wine, but my state doesn’t allow me to ship wine and yours doesn’t allow you to receive it, so I got you a Starbucks gift card instead.”

(Because if you can’t send wine, at least you can send coffee – Thanks, Starbucks! Note- this post not sponsored by Starbucks. I am not that cool, friends.)

Also, our forgetfulness makes for a good laugh:

Me: “The other day I couldn’t find my keys. I finally found them on a shelf in the refrigerator.”

Friend: “Last week my husband asked me why I had put a full carton of milk in the kitchen cabinet.”

So, I mean, at least we’re in this together, right?

And finally, texting through the dreaded dressing room experience.

“Are dressing room mirrors like video cameras? They add a good 10 pounds, right?”

“Oh, for sure. 20 in bathing suits. You’re actually a supermodel.”

“Bless you.”

It goes without saying that these gems keep me smiling throughout the day, and all those days add up to my life. My friends keep life interesting and fun, but they also give me encouragement when I need it most and send up prayers when I ask (and sometimes even when I don’t). Get you some friends who keep it real – hilarious, fun, honest and helpful. 

Every woman should be so lucky to have girlfriends to share life with. Men are great and all, but they’ll never fully understand the struggles (read, HORRORS) of trying on bathing suits in a poorly-lit, overly-mirrored dressing room. (Seriously, why with all the mirrors? Let me pick one angle and at least pretend I can pull off whatever trend is currently making me feel way too old to be wearing anyway – looking at you, crushed velvet.)

I’m so insanely thankful for my friends and for the technology that keeps us feeling like we’re still just across the dorm or down the street when we’re actually hundreds of miles apart.

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