Pi Day – A Dream or A Nightmare?

Embarrassing (horrifying, even) confession time. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I am a sugar addict. I’m not just saying that casually, like, oh I’m a big fan of sweets. No. I mean actually, full-on addicted to sugar.

As in, eats a full box of Girl Scout cookies addicted. As in, hides candy bar wrappers in the trash can addicted. As in, sometimes buys donuts with cash and eats them on the way to work so nobody knows addicted.

Sugar is NO JOKE. It’s my greatest nemesis and biggest hurdle to being healthy. I can work out daily, drink all the water and eat relatively well, but all of it goes down the drain because I cannot resist sweets. And I’m not talking the occasional mini snickers to satisfy the craving. Hilarious. More like an entire bag of mini snickers.

Today, like so many other days before it, was the day I decided to start over on my healthy lifestyle. I have a life-long tendency to go in waves. Tracking my eating, working out consistently, losing some weight. And then inevitably I fall off the wagon for a week or a month or a year. Why is it so difficult to get (and stay) on that wagon and SO DAMN EASY to fall off? Oh, because sugar is delicious. Right.

Anyway, I made up my mind to start anew today. I even started a “water challenge” with some friends (drinking half your weight in ounces of water per day), got up early to work out and resolved to begin the keto lifestyle again (because as much as I hated it, it’s the first time in years I didn’t have daily stomach pain, so I think there’s something to be said for that).

So, what day did I choose to start over? Pi Day. AKA the favorite holiday of math nerds and dessert lovers everywhere – March 14, 3.14, Pi. Pi Day.

What’s the big deal, Hayley? It’s not a real holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, right?

Wrong. When you work at a company that turns every possible occasion into a celebration for being alive, Pi Day becomes “Pizza Pie Lunch Party” and “Pie a la mode Afternoon Break” Day. Because of course it does.

Oh, did I mention that our office also believes in having a fully-stocked breakroom at all times, complete with all the pop, candy, chocolate, granola bars, chips, etc. you can eat whenever your little heart desires?

Do you have ANY IDEA how bad this is for a sugar addict? Ughhh.

Okay, so now my brain is doing this internal battle, right? Here’s my current internal dialogue. I imagine it looks something like the standard angel vs. demon chatting away in there:

“Well, it’s not like you’ve made any progress yet, just celebrate Pi Day and start tomorrow.”

“But you brought a healthy lunch to eat and already decided today was the day. Just skip it.”

“But pie is your all-time favorite dessert. Just indulge today and then cut sweets after that. It will be like your ‘farewell to sweets’ going away party.”

“You’ve had that party about a thousand times already.”

And so on and so forth. So, I’m taking my internal battle external, as embarrassing as it may be. Because if I share it with you all, maybe, just MAYBE I can resist.

I need an accountabilibuddy or 100 to help me, so I’m recruiting you. I’m not an idiot, I know HOW to get healthy. I’ve done it before. I’m well aware that I need to eat fewer bad things and spend more time exercising. But knowing how to do something and finding the willpower/motivation to do it are totally different things. I’m aware this will probably be a lifelong battle for me, but nevertheless, I shall persist…

So, here’s to celebrating Pi Day with my broccoli cauliflower salad for lunch and my deconstructed pizza “pie” for dinner! May all of you with stronger willpower than me enjoy all the apple, peach, chocolate, peanut butter and other delectable pies I will (fingers crossed) be passing on later!



  1. Donna

    Living it. I’m just grateful I’ve never tested my theory I could easily eat a dozen Krispy Kremes and be sad I didn’t get the 2 doz deal. I had to go 100%-look at the label, 1/4c berries for sweets, cold turkey. After a year, I opened the door. I have not gone cra-crazy but find myself having day binges of 3 or 4 sweets. So I’m back to going 100% on the wagon. I simply cannot control my addiction. But I’m hopeful I’ll be reunited with fudge again soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Courtney

    Girl, this hit close to home, for sure. I am the same way and it helps so much when people share their story. Thank you for writing this blog!! Im reading Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Hartwig, part of the whole 30 program, I’m hoping it eventually helps me. (It takes awhile to read with a very active 18 month old running around, but I’m working on it!) I always instantly regret eating sugary things, then my face breaks out like I’m a teenager and I get really frustrated, but I literally can not stop!!! It’s seriously a problem and just like a drug. Not to mention my stomach always hurts when I eat like crap. When will i learn?!?!? Anyways, thanks for writing this Haley, makes me feel better that I’m not the only one!!!! 😊

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