Dear Long-Distance Best Friends

Dear Long-Distance Best Friends,

I don’t get to see you as much as I used to, and especially not as much as I’d like to. We don’t pull all-nighters like we did in college, whether for studying or for drinking cheap alcohol while eating cake and talking endlessly. We don’t get to run errands together anymore. I don’t get to come over for your kids’ birthdays. We don’t get to have random girls’ nights with take-out food and movies. I don’t get to host the wedding and baby showers or monthly book clubs. We don’t get to watch The Bachelor every week, or even the Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year. We can’t go to baseball games, or beer tastings, or concerts.

But nothing has changed about the way I love you.

The face time has decreased, but the FaceTimes have increased. The real-life one-on-ones are few and far between, but the text messages, phone calls and snail mail are abundant. I don’t get to cuddle and rock your babies to sleep anymore, but I’ll send them a thousand and one videos so they know me when I see them next. I don’t get to exchange daily facial expressions with you that let us both know we’re reading each other’s minds, but I’ve come to expect the frequent snarky GIFS or memes that more or less do the same.

Thanks for loving me so well from so far away. Thanks for sending those texts at just the right moment. Thanks for popping those cards and goodies in the mail that make me feel so loved. Thanks for checking in all the time. Thanks for not letting distance get in the way of what we’ve always had. The meaningful conversations. The prayer requests. The funny stories. The venting sessions that keep us sane.

Thanks for understanding me and what I need, because even though we don’t physically see each other regularly, we still know each other’s hearts.

Our histories are woven together by a million memories and experiences that make it impossible to lose sight of what’s important.

I promise to keep calling and texting you about random things I would have told you in person before, like podcast and book recommendations. Promise to keep sending me pictures and videos of things that remind you of me, like song lyrics and leprechaun videos. I will keep sending you celebrity Insta-stories about how we’ve clearly missed our life callings to be millionaires if you keep sending me hilarious photos of your favorite bath bombs gone wrong post-dissolving.

They say it’s the little things in life, and I couldn’t agree more. The little things keep us strong when we’re divided by life and time and distance. The little things make it possible to always pick up exactly where we left off. The little things let us laugh and cry and cheer each other on exactly when and how we need to. The little things are really the biggest things.

The things that remind us that no matter what comes our way, or how far apart we live, we’ve got each other’s backs.


Your LDBFF (and ever and ever and ever)

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