Gratitudesday – Old Friends

If you haven’t heard Ben Rector’s song “Old Friends,” do yourself a favor and check it out here!

Two of my favorite lines from the song:

“I’ve got some good friends now, but I’ve never seen their parents back porch.”


“No one knows you like they know you, and no one prob’ly ever will. You can grow up, make new ones, but the truth is there’s nothing like old friends.”

I feel like Ben Rector took all the things I’ve ever thought or written or felt about my friends and condensed it perfectly into this one song. I love it.

Three of my best friends since elementary school came to visit me this weekend, and it was everything good and lovely and happy and wonderful in life.

I am SO thankful to have these friendships with these women. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have our relationships from childhood stand the test of time and distance. I love seeing them now as amazing moms and successful career women. And I’m so thankful for all of our willingness to make our friendships a priority, even in the midst of those things.

If you’ve managed to maintain, or even rebuild, friendships that have a foundation built on slumber parties, braces, camps, friendship bracelets, note writing, secret clubs, dressing alike, and a million and one inside jokes, then you get it.

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I’m not saying you can’t or won’t make incredible friends as adults, but there’s just something to be said for those people whose parents’ back porches you’ve not just seen, but spent many a night on. And vice versa.

The ones whose home phone numbers you can still remember. The ones who know every boy you ever dated. The ones you called after your first kiss. The ones who cried with you the first time you got your heart broken. And who bravely rode in your car with you for the first time when you got your driver’s license. The ones who spent all of your birthdays with you. The ones who have literally walked the same steps you have on high school football fields, at school dances, in bowling alleys and everywhere in between.

Your histories are interwoven. You were there for each other’s milestones, but also the everyday experiences that molded you into who you are today. If you have friendships like this, I hope you cherish them. I hope you catch up regularly, and laugh so hard you can’t breathe. And make new memories while reminiscing on old ones. Making friendship a priority is so necessary and lifegiving. I couldn’t be more grateful for my friends.  

“You can grow up, make new ones, but the truth is, there’s nothing like old friends. ‘Cause you can’t make old friends.”


Happy #gratitudesday! What are you grateful for today?


One Comment

  1. Bonnie

    Fantastic! And you will go through your friends’ children’s lives as well. Nothing better! I look at you “girls” all grown up and remember your lives . A great group of ladies now!


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