Highs and Lows…Gratitudesday on a Monday

It’s 7:30 on August 27. I’m sitting here on my patio in long sleeves feeling chilly as the wind blows through my backyard and the sun sets on the mountains. The mountains in my BACKYARD. Chilly. In AUGUST. And today I started a new job as a communications manager at what seems to be a fantastic, growing company. I got good luck texts from friends, family, and ex-coworkers in Oklahoma, Utah, and across the country. I felt so much love and support. My husband is loving his job and pumped to go hunting with his best friend soon and I could cry tears of joy because I am completely overwhelmed with happiness and thankfulness that God has given us this tremendous gift at this point in our lives.

It is not lost on me, because life is not always so perfect.

And I know some of my friends are struggling with incredibly hard things right now that break my heart. So the last thing I want to do is brag or flaunt. I just want to acknowledge that our God is greater. And His timing is perfect, albeit very confusing and hard to understand sometimes. Because life is sometimes really really good, and sometimes it is really REALLY hard. I’m just lucky enough to be on the high point of the roller coaster today.

I know I’m a day early for gratitudesday, but I’m just too damn grateful to wait to share it. And if there’s something, anything, I can be praying for with you or over you, please shoot me a message. I’d love to be a warrior with you in whatever battle you’re fighting.

One final thing if you’ve stuck with me this long, and I really hope you have.

I always feel hesitant to publicly share my faith, because I’m not a preachy person. I can’t quote a scripture for every situation. I cuss too much and I love hearing juicy gossip. I watch trash TV and have a hard time forgiving those who I feel have wronged me. So it sometimes feels disingenuous, hypocritical even, to talk about a God I find so much strength and comfort in, when I’m such a flawed person. But I genuinely try not to judge people or throw stones for how others live their lives. And the last thing I want is for someone to assume I’m doing that, or believe I somehow think I’m better than they are simply because I believe in a God who loves me, in spite of my many flaws.

I just love people and want everyone to feel happy and loved, and worthy of happiness and love.

I hope you know that I’m in your corner, whether you agree with my faith or not. I hope you know you can come to me for support. I hope you know that the one thing that matters to me more than anything in the world is that I leave every person I ever meet feeling loved.

So, if today was a good day for you, I share in your joy. And if today was one of those “feel like you just got punched in the gut” low points of the roller coaster, my heart is with you today, too.

Lots of love to all. Thanks for reading.


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