Gratitudesday: Snail Mail

There are few things I like more than snail mail. When someone takes the time to hand write a note or pick out a thoughtful gift for you, then buys the postage and sends it across world, or the country, or even the street. Something about that whole process is just so full of love.

This week has been a good snail mail week. On Saturday I received the sweetest hand written note from a friend, and a beautiful bookmark she picked up for me on a trip to Italy, and sent my way because she knew I’d love it. And I do! I’ll cherish it forever.

Today I came home to a “thanks for being you” card and encouraging gift from a friend who just wanted to share some joy with me. And share joy she did.

These simple gestures are so kind and thoughtful and I don’t deserve them (the gifts or the friendships). But I’m beyond grateful for them.

Sometimes taking a few minutes to go out of your way to share love is SO so worth it. But it doesn’t even require snail mail to turn someone’s day around for the better.

The other day, a dear friend of mine who I don’t see or talk to nearly enough sent me the kindest text message out of the blue. After expressing my gratitude, he told me that he’d read a few years ago about a man who made it a point to go out of his way every day to say something encouraging to someone who probably wouldn’t expect it.

It’s such a simple and beautiful idea. Maybe it’s someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Or someone you don’t know all that well, but respect or admire for something they do (or don’t do). If you start looking for little things to appreciate about other people, they’re pretty easy to find. But instead of keeping that to yourself…tell them!

I recently finished reading “Everybody, Always” by Bob Goff (what a total gem), and keep thinking about something he wrote:

“Instead of telling people how far they have to go, tell them how far they’ve come.”

A note in the mail, an email, a text message. Just tell them. Tell them you love them. Tell them you’re thankful for them. Tell them you’re proud of them. Tell them whatever is true that feels worthy of sharing, but just tell them.

What are you even waiting for? Do it right now! Don’t let the moment pass. You never know how much that will mean to someone, and I’m willing to bet it will make you feel pretty good, too.

Happy gratitudesday, everyone! Be grateful every day.




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