Where Does the Time Go? A poem about life.

Isn’t it funny how you look up and suddenly it’s been a year since you moved across the country? Or ten years since you graduated college? Or five years since your baby was born? And you find yourself thinking…

Where does the time go?

It’s filled with Super Bowl parties and little league games and dance recital fun.

It’s filled with lemonade stands and baby snuggles and late night grocery runs.

It’s filled with working for a living and working out and occasionally making time for you.

It’s filled with FaceTime dates, greeting cards and texts that leave you feeling new.

It’s filled with girl’s nights in and date nights out and concerts on a school night.

It’s filled with traveling to new places and learning new things, road trips and airline flights.

It’s filled with reading books and Netflix binges, kisses and holding hands.

It’s filled with praying hard to get through tough times and trusting in a greater plan.

It’s filled with family walks and puppy cuddles and sitting by the fireplace.

It’s filled with sleep-in-Saturdays, coffee, and inside jokes that put a smile on your face.

It’s filled with wedding weekends and funerals and sharing laughter and tears with friends.

It’s filled with baby showers and movie nights on the couch you wish would never end.

It’s filled with game days at the field and game nights at home and baking pies for Thanksgiving.

It’s filled with family reunions and class reunions and making life worth living.

It’s filled with birthday cakes and grocery store flowers that die upon the table.

So live every moment filled with love,

For as long as you are able.

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