I’m in a Funk

Do you ever feel sort of down, or just off, for no real explainable reason? You feel like something’s wrong, or maybe you’re a little emotional, but you can’t pinpoint what’s making you feel that way?

This happens to me every once in a while. I keep trying to find reasons for feeling not quite myself, but everything seems to be good, normal, in order. It makes no sense.

I’m exercising. I’m eating well. All my relationships are in good shape. I’m spending quality time reading the Bible every day. I’m spending quality time on podcasts and audiobooks. But I can’t tell if I need more of something or less of something to feel like myself!

Sleep could be the culprit. I’ve been sleeping terribly. Which reminds me, I talked with my husband about this yesterday, and we agreed we’ve both been having trouble sleeping and maybe it’s time for a new bed.

I kid you not, the ONLY ads in my Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds since yesterday are from every mattress company on the planet. It’s unreal. I never cease to be amazed by targeted marketing based solely on what I’ve said out loud, or hell, I swear, sometimes even things I’ve just thought to myself. Technology is so cool, but soooo sketchy, too.

In other trending topics, I just read an article about a teenager who crashed his truck doing the “Bird Box Challenge.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I had trouble wrapping my head around the weird, “Keke, Do you Love Me” challenge (I can’t remember it’s real name….here’s a good example of the human stupidity…) But literally trying to drive BLINDFOLDED? What the hell is wrong with people?! WHY???

Anybody else question humanity on a daily basis? Sometimes it’s crippling. Trying to remind myself of happy things and good people. Hoping this will get me out of this weird funk.

So, just in case you also find yourself in a funk, or maybe you just need something to make you smile and get you through the rest of Friday and sail into the weekend, I’ve collected some uplifting things you might enjoy.

Let’s turn our funk into an uptown funk!

(I immediately regret that…my apologies.)

What’s the funniest video or happiest news story you’ve seen recently? Drop a link for all of us to enjoy!



  1. Rhonda Pilkilton

    I feel everything you feel right now. I ask myself the same thing. What is it that I cannot put my finger on that is putting me in this funk?? I talk to God and I think of all my blessings. That does help but there is just something I can’t shake.

    Liked by 1 person

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