Living Well

Today I was talking to a coworker, and in the midst of our catching up she said, “You look well.” And I thought that was just about the best compliment I’ve received in a while.

Maybe that’s weird, or maybe it’s just something people say, but it really hit home today. Why? Because I’m really trying to be well.

I know I’m not the only one bombarded daily with “health and wellness” initiatives and “living well” and “choosing well” plans and promos. But I’m starting to realize it’s because there’s truly something to it.

When you’re doing your best to live well, you start to genuinely feel well, and then others notice that you even look well. Not exactly a novel concept, I admit, and yet every time I start putting in a solid effort to live well, I am always surprised by the results.

A couple months ago, I wrote about hitting my stride, because I was feeling good. In a groove, making good choices. Last week I told you about how I was in a funk. So I mean, life, right? It ebbs and flows. Some days you’re riding high and others you feel like you’re driving the struggle bus straight off a cliff.

Today I’m riding high and feeling well. I’m on day eight of no gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meat or dairy. I KNOW. That’s super intense. Never in my life did I think this was even possible. But guys. I’ve lost six pounds. My skin is clear and bright. My face isn’t bloated. I’m not waking up with back pain. I feel awesome. It’s crazy.

I know there are a million horror stories and statistics about all the terrible things we’re eating regularly and what it’s doing to our bodies, but ain’t nobody got time for that. My recent favorite quote, “I could live to be 100 if I gave up everything that made me want to live to be 100.”

Do I really want to live the rest of my life without cheese? Without tacos? Without DONUTS? Absolutely not. BUT, I do want to lead a lifestyle where these are more of a rare treat and less of my norm. So, I’m going all in for a few weeks. Trying to reset and remind my body (and more importantly, my BRAIN) that I don’t need dessert after every meal. That I don’t need coffee. That I don’t need pasta. This is no easy task, admittedly. But I have to start somewhere! And if eight days feels this good, what will eight weeks feel like? Eight months?

I will never claim to be perfect, or any kind of expert, but I am happy to share tips and tricks that work for me with anyone who’s interested in making some positive lifestyle changes.

To be perfectly clear, the first few days are hell. The detox from caffeine and gluten and sugar is REAL. But I promise it gets easier if you stick it out!

Favorite things so far:

  • Hot lemon water or decaf India Chai tea in the mornings
  • Red lentil rotini instead of pasta
  • General Tso’s rice bowls (I doubled for meal prep purposes! Grab a stir fry vegetable kit for extra ease instead of broccoli)
  • Long-time favorite workouts with Dance Fitness With Jessica on YouTube, but new to me: These HIIT/Tabata 10-minute workouts that are super tough!

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