Beat It, Monday Blues

Is it really Monday again? Why must weekends fly by so quickly? 

Half of it spent trying to relax and have fun; a reprieve from the work week past. The other half spent cooking and cleaning to be ready for the work week ahead. 

It just never seems to be long enough. 

If this Monday you’re feeling like me…a little “meh,” for lack of a better word, join me in doing these three things to get your head in the game today.

1.) Say a prayer of thanksgiving. 

Take a moment to be grateful for another day gifted to you to share with your family and friends. Family and friends driving you crazy? Be thankful for coffee. Be thankful for a safe commute to work. Be thankful for good music. Be thankful for your health. 

2.) Do something nice for someone. 

Shoot a text to someone you love just to check in. Surprise a coworker with coffee. (Are you noticing a coffee theme this morning?) Toss a love note into your kiddos’ or spouse’s lunch box. 

3.) Take a moment to yourself. 

Do a minute of deep breathing. Take a 10-minute walk alone. Read for 15 minutes. Hide in the bathroom for five minutes if you have to! Whatever it takes to clear your head. 

If tonight rolls around and you’re still feeling “meh,” have a glass of wine and get some sleep. There’s always tomorrow! 

Happy Monday, friends. 

I made you a playlist to get your blood pumpin’ for this 9-5!

Beat It, Monday Blues Playlist on Spotify

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