Resist the Usual

I recently paid a visit to my local library for the first time since we moved into our new home. It’s just down the street and is perfectly quaint and serene, tucked away at the foot of the mountains. It’s pretty dreamy, but then again, I think every library is dreamy.

I spent a couple hours perusing the shelves and as I often do, found myself in the midst of books on poetry, famous writings, and quotations.

I found a book called: “Never Scratch a Tiger with a Short Stick: and Other Quotes for Leaders.

The title obviously caught my attention, but the quotes inside were what kept me interested. I’ve been revisiting some of them this week, and this morning this particular quote stuck out to me:

“Resist the usual.”

-Raymond Rubicam

Rubicam was an advertising pioneer in the roaring 20s, and while I don’t know if that particular quote meant something specific to him, I think on any given day this can take on different meanings for each of us. For me, this Monday morning, it was a wake-up call.

See, I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency every Sunday night to get a case of what I call the “Sunday Blues.” The point of the day in which you realize the weekend is ending and you have to get back to the daily grind. Often I head to work feeling a little sleepy and a little grumpy. Irritated that I have to get back to reality. Annoyed with myself for not doing more “dream” work during the weekend, and also weirdly annoyed that I didn’t better prepare myself for the week ahead by doing a little more work work.

It’s strange, because I like my job and the people I work with. But still, something about knowing I’m headed into another week of regimented schedules, required meetings, rigorous work…it’s just a little daunting, you know? And no matter how great your job is, it still can’t compare to down time with family and friends doing whatever you want!

Sometimes I can work myself into a real funk if I’m not careful. Feeling sorry for myself because I should be accomplishing more, following my dreams, that sort of thing.

But this morning when I ran across Rubicam’s quote I simply thought, “YES.”

Resist. Resist the usual feelings of negativity. Resist the belief that this is all there is to life and we just have to keep trudging through. Resist the temptation to fall into the trap of not feeling like enough. Not feeling prepared. Not feeling accomplished. Resist the usual.

Go to work with a positive attitude. Assume the best in people. Work hard because it feels good to do so, not because you’re obligated to do so (you are, of course, but find a better “why.”) Work out because even though it’s hard, it’s rewarding, and my usual would be to quit. Care more than is necessary because usually it’s easier to just shut off.

Whatever is holding you back today, I hope this little motto finds you right where you need it.

The world deserves the best version of you. You deserve to BE the best version of you. So do yourself a favor today: resist the usual.

P.S. As I was contemplating this post this morning, I received a text out of the blue from my dad that said:

“You are going to be awesome today! I dreamt it!”

(How great is he?!) Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder from your biggest cheerleaders to confirm that you’re meant to be here and do great things. Perhaps someone you love could use this reminder, too. Be awesome today. Resist the usual.

P.P.S. I made you a Resist the Usual Playlist to start your week strong!


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