Making Memories

Good morning, friends! I’m still riding a real high this week after a visit home to Oklahoma.

I got to spend quality time with so many of my favorite people, and my heart is truly full.

It’s always hard to leave after a visit and makes me miss everyone terribly, but I also love carrying those memories with me and now just thinking of every moment brings a smile to my face. Having those memories is so important, especially on hard days.

Today a dear friend of mind is laying her dad to rest. A man I was also lucky enough to work closely with when I first started my career. You never saw Jerry without a big enthusiastic smile on his face, and an almost guaranteed mention of “making memories!” 

Jerry knew the importance of spending time with others and that making memories with people you love is what life is all about. I thought of him often this week as I spent time with family and friends, and I have a good feeling I will carry his philosophy with me all my days. He impacted so many lives and it’s my greatest hope that someday when my time on earth is done, my legacy will be one of joy and love and good memories with those I’m blessed to be surrounded by in this life. 

Last week was one for the books. A road trip with my parents. Recording music with my brother and dad. Game night with my parents and cousins and nephew. Home cooked meals with my entire family. Book club with my besties. Pool party with lifelong friends. Play time with my nieces. Church with my in-laws. I packed in a lot of memory making in a few days and now my cup runneth over! 

Don’t wait until life is less crazy to take that trip with your spouse. Don’t wait to call a friend for coffee. Don’t save the bottle of wine for a special occasion, but instead make every day worth celebrating. Live your best life, follow your heart, and go make a memory! 

In honor of Jerry, make some memories today, friends. Thinking of you and sending my love, Kimberly. 

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