Current Obsessions: “Friend Pride Friday” Edition

Alright, I’ve told you about several of my obsessions in the past, but I’m especially excited about this edition, which features some friends of mine who are doing amazing things! 

As convenient as the Amazons and Targets of the world may be, I still prefer to support small businesses as often as possible. Give me a farmer’s market or craft show over a shopping mall any day! Even better? I have some brilliant and talented friends with pretty incredible businesses and products to offer the world, (both for and non-profit), and I think you should know about them!

Here are my current obsessions, Friend Pride Friday Edition! 

George Melton and the Bison

There’s a long story to why my brother, Travis Peck, goes by another name online, but rest assured that he’s delivering the same quality music he always has! In fact, he recently recorded four original songs, which you can download for yourself or stream online (all day, every day)!

Thanks for letting me be part of this awesome moment in your life, brother! I can’t wait to see what’s next for your music career!

Some original tunes for your listening pleasure!
(You might even recognize my voice on a couple of these…)

Cords of Clay

My friend from college, Ashleigh, started this beautiful company and I can’t say enough good things! She makes custom macrame wall decor and plant hangers that are just stunning, but also some gorgeous earrings, which we all know are my weakness! I love how light and airy everything is, and I get compliments every time I wear her earrings.

Just a taste of her earring collection!


Are you a busy mom who could use an extra dose of encouragement? Then you need to follow my friend, Chantel. 

She is full of good tips on womanhood, motherhood, and general good life advice! Need life hacks for saving time in the morning? Making low-calorie boozy beverages? Money-saving? Healthy eats? Learning activities for your kids? She’s got your back. Not to mention, she’s one of the most positive and encouraging people you’ll ever come in contact with! Get your daily dose of good advice for living your best life by following along below, or reach out to her for some personalized life coaching! 

Doesn’t she just exude joy?

Happier Helmets

Okay, this one is pretty unique and really cool. My friend Caroline is in the (non-profit) business of helping shape kiddos’ lives (literally). She hand-paints cranial helmets for little ones who have to wear them to re-shape their skulls. The best part? She does it for FREE! How amazing is that?

Talk about spreading joy by bringing something bright and colorful into the worlds of babes and their families! If you or someone you know could benefit from this, find out more below. 

BONUS! Because she does this for free, she relies on donations to fulfill these requests. Donate below to support her cause!

Donate to Happier Helmets

One of the more than 100 helmets she’s hand painted!

For my Oklahoma Friends:

Salt & Light Creations

My friend Kayla started making these stunning custom signs a couple years ago, and I am crazy about them! She does beautiful work, and I love that you can make these as personal as you want by choosing the perfect song lyric, quote, poem, or scripture you want to display in your own home, or gift to someone else! 

Custom framed and custom painted!

For my Utah Friends:

Three Sprouts Flower Farm

I was lucky enough to stumble upon the fact that one of my neighbors has her very own flower farm, and it is SUCH a gem! 

Lindsey and her family grow all their own flowers to create stunning bouquets for local Utahns!

Not only do they offer a variety of flower shares and subscriptions (I pick up a fresh bouquet once a month!), but they also regularly give flowers away to good causes. They recently hand-delivered bouquets to a nearby nursing home, and that is basically my favorite thing ever. 

If you live near me, check her out for all your floral needs! And if you don’t, check her out anyways, because she shares lots of fun stories about teaching her kiddos about gardening! 

Two of the three sprouts with their momma on the farm!
(Note the “Assistants to the farmer” Office reference…love.)

Have you or your friends started a business you want others to know about? Tell me about them in the comments below!

Happy Friday, all! Enjoy your weekend!

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