Real Romance

When you’re young you think romance is all about flower deliveries, elaborate dates with limousines and fine dining, champagne and expensive gifts and rose petals scattered in your house with scavenger hunts and love notes. Sure, those things are great on occasion, but when you’re young, you have it all wrong.

Real romance isn’t about grand gestures and Instagram worthy pictures. Real romance is about putting each other first. It’s true love shown through service, sacrifice and compromise. It’s about both of you putting your spouse’s happiness ahead of your own.

Real romance looks like taking shifts staying up with your newborn so your spouse can get some sleep or a long shower. 

It’s coming home from the grocery store with their favorite treat from the bakery after a long day. 

It’s trusting them to cut your hair during quarantine. 

It’s falling asleep cuddling on the couch when you’re both exhausted. 

It’s less about nights out on the town and more about cooking late dinners together while drinking boxed wine and listening to your favorite music and dancing in your kitchen. 

It’s watching each other become parents and falling in love on a whole new level as you both marvel over this little life you’ve created and the way you both love them.

It’s folding a load of laundry or hanging up their favorite shirt for an important work event. 

It’s making the bed, putting dishes away or vacuuming the house so they don’t have to.

It’s playing darts together in the garage. 

It’s day trips making memories in your favorite places.

It’s offering to do the 3 a.m. diaper change. 

It’s family naps on the couch.

It’s about having stupid fights and being quick to forgive.

It’s praying for one another.

It’s about true teamwork and rolling with the inevitable punches.

Real romance is made up of the million little things you do for one another that make up a beautiful life.

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