Me vs. Freddy Krueger

My cluster headaches are back. I’ve shared about this some on social media, but for those who only follow the blog, here’s a little more insight to cluster headaches from my last cluster period a couple years ago. I feel like such a whiner/attention seeker when I share about my cluster headaches, but then again […]


Progress and Grace–Prograce?

This morning I weighed the same thing I did two days ago. I know, *gasp!* (Insert sarcasm font/eyeroll). But it was a weird blow for me, because I’ve been steadily watching my numbers fall over the last month, and I felt annoyed that it was stagnant. And then I spent some narcissistic moments in front […]


Choose Joy

I think sometimes we take on too much of what we think we’re supposed to do, and inadvertently let go of the things that make us feel free. We lose ourselves and forget what brings us the most joy. We give up on our childhood dreams because they don’t fit the mold of what a […]